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Marsh Mental Health Management Counseling Services

All services are guided experiences that promote healing and growth through non-judgmental, open, informative interactions. 

Corporate Training

We provide training for companies to enhance productivity and reduce staff turnover by focusing on the relationships between employees, employers and the clients they service. 

  • Supporting staff through teaching and implementing youth behavioral modification and engagement/ motivation.

  • Addressing and reducing impact of mental health problems on behavioral and social interaction. 

Workshops/Public Speaking

Informative and thought-provoking events to educate individuals seeking additional therapeutic support and/or professionals in the human service and mental health field attempting to sharpen their craft.


We promote awareness and understanding of healthy social emotional development by addressing some of the following topics and more via workshops.

  • Trauma Sensitivity 

  • How to motivate minors

  • Child Development 

  • Healthy Interventions

Consulting for Individuals and Families 


Services that address the mental health and behavioral needs of individuals and families through increasing support, through promotion, prevention, intervention and treatment. In-home and telecommunication sessions for clients’ convenience. 

  • Services that address the mental and behavioral needs of individual and/or families through utilization of assessment strategies that increase support, prevention, intervention and treatment.

  • Identify risk factors while increasing protective factors to ensure lasting success and progress.

  • Helping the individual and/or family develop a healthier cognitive thought process that will lead to positive outcomes in the home and, in the community, while still maintaining their uniqueness and individuality.

  • Empowering clients to make, meet and exceed goals through a client centered strength-based approach.

Life Coach 


Empowering clients to make, meet and exceed goals. Client centered approach to help individuals enhance their personal and professional life through assessing challenges that prevent growth.  In-home and telecommunication sessions for clients’ convenience. These topics and more are explored with clients' seeking assistance on the next leg of their life journey.

  • How to maximize potential

  • How to get out of my own way

  • Productivity vs. Being Busy

  • How to prepare myself for my next career

  • What does the next level look like?

Mentoring Program 


Young Ladies’ League is a mentoring group for teenage girls that focus on exposure to healthy, age appropriate activities that foster positive social skills and peer interaction. The goal is to reduce risk factors that may lead to mental and emotional issues, while enhancing tangible resources to ensure overall success. We explore the following topics and more.

  • Etiquette

  • Social Media Standards and Ethics

  • Self Love

  • Effective Communication

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