Focuses on exposure to age appropriate activities that foster positive social and peer interaction by limiting risk factors that tend to lead to mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Assisting in establishing and/or enhancing social, emotional, and life skills through healthy discussions and age appropriate interactions. Provides opportunities for children to bond through topics/activities such as: Self-esteem/Self-love, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Healthy Friendships, Social Media Standards and Ethics, Etiquette, Fashion Trends, and much more.


These classes teach visual poise, personal grooming and style, social etiquette and table manners through interactive exercises in order that the newly learned information becomes a life skill. 

Social media standards & ethnics

  • Help students differentiate what is personal/private.

  • Utilize Empathy.

  • Paradigm shift:  How can your students shift their minds…their way of thinking about posting on their social media channels.


  • Make a point of countering every negative thought with a positive one. Make a game out of it!

  • Avoid comparisons to others, whether it’s about appearance, talents, accomplishments or anything else in life.

  • When trying to accomplish something, avoid frustration by planning realistic goals.

communication skills/problemsolving skills

  • Use exercises and simulate environments to practice conflict resolution.

  • Tackle "relational aggression"- bullying including but not limited to gossip, exclusion, ignoring and manipulation in an attempt to further one’s social standing. 

  • Re-enforce that assertiveness is not rudeness

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